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At The College of Saint Rose we believe that a college education is one of the most important investments a student will make and we are committed to making your Saint Rose education affordable.

Transfer Academic 奖学金

Spring 2024 Transfer 奖学金 Authentically You Awards Total Transfer 奖学金 大学绩点
$15,000 最高3,000美元 $18,000 3.81-4.00
$14,000 最高3,000美元 $17,000 3.50-3.80
$12,000 最高3,000美元 $15,000 3.21-3.49
$11,000 最高3,000美元 $14,000 3.00-3.20
$9,500 最高3,000美元 $12,500 2.99及以下
*最高3,000美元 in Authentically You Awards in addition to all merit scholarships

*Transfer Scholarship award structure is based on a cumulative GPA analysis of the applicant’s collegiate record.

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Are you transferring after one semester of your first year?

Now you can receive first-year scholarships and financial aid

应用ing for 金融援助

Step-by-Step Application Process

1. 请求FSA ID your electronic signature for FAFSA on the Web. Separate and unique FSA ID numbers are required for students and parents (of dependent students). Be sure to keep these FSA ID number(s) as you will need to file the FAFSA each year, sign federal loan applications, and access your student aid history online.

2. 提交FAFSA after October 1st for the upcoming year. Be sure to include The College of Saint Rose school code–002705.

3. New York State residents must complete the Express TAP application (ETA) online immediately following submission of the FAFSA. Be sure to include The College of Saint Rose school code–0140.

4. View and accept your awards online on the 安全的网站.

5. If your FAFSA is selected for a process called, “验证”, submit signed copies of student and parent(s) IRS tax return transcripts, along with a completed Verification Worksheet to the Office of 金融援助.


金融援助 Questions? 问国王! 访问 our go-to for all things related to financial aid, a vast kingdom of advice and information to help students and families navigate the process.

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